Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What if Peter used Twitter

Just read this guy, Perry Noble's, blog. Great thoughts. Funny stuff. He has one on David too. If you don't know what twitter is, check this video out.

* Just met this guy named Jesus–He changed my name, interesting…wonder what else He’s going to try and change?
* Holy smoke…just landed a HUGE catch of fish by doing what this Rabbi said.
* Just left the family business to follow Jesus–this guy captivates me.
* Today Jesus fed over 5,000 men with a kids happy meal…and even multiplied the surprise!
* Walked on water today for a little while–Thomas doubted whether or not I could and Judas was giving four to one odds on me drowning.
* YEAH…I got it right! Jesus is the Messiah…He encouraged me.
* Jesus just called me satan…I am thinking I got something wrong.
* Trying to sleep…I think Jesus is praying over there…
* Just cut a guys ear off, Jesus fixed it–no problem.
* I think it’s over–He’s dead.
* I think we’re next!
* I think somethings happening…He’s not in the tomb.
* He’s alive–he just walked through a flippin’ wall!
* It’s ON–He just did that fish catching thing again!
* He just said something about having all authority–after what I just saw…I believe it!
* Just preached my first public sermon, 3,000 people received Christ…was waterlogged after the baptism service.
* Two people lied about the offering today - God killed them for it - giving increase 462% afterwards.

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