Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kicked My Son Out

Last night I thought I felt the dog on my legs. He kept moving. I am done with the dog being on the bed. He has a bed he can lay on of his own. So I kicked from under my covers (more like pushed). He crawled back. I kept pushing and pushing until he was off the bed. Then I heard a, "Pappa!!!" I jumped out of bed. I had kicked my own son off the bed and onto the floor. Worse, there was a suitcase from the weekend there that he hit his head on. Poor boy.

I carried him to his bed and he asked if I would nuggle with him for a bit. So I did. Several hours later I hit something in my dream and at the same time hit a bowl he had made with my hand. I thought, "He must have brought this into our room when he came in last night." So I opened the top drawer of "my nightstand" and noticed it was smaller than normal. So I reached for the lower drawer. It wasn't there. My brain could not compute what was going on. I searched my mind for what was going on. It took about 20 seconds or so for me to figure out. I was still in his bed. haha. Oh well. Back to bed for another 3 hours of sleep. Yes!

Today I have BBQs at our kids' school and appointments here in Salem. So here I sit at *$ drinking my refresh tea as I work on work stuff.

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Rochelle said...

okay......i seriously was crying i was laughing so hard when J told me! not that karston thinks it's funny...but it is one of those stories that you will be able to tell for years to come! and i bet chewie was snuggled up nice and warm in his bed (on the floor).

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