Sunday, September 12, 2010

I have to be myself

There is a good chance you have never heard of the artist B. Reith. He sings and raps and I absolutely LOVE his style. It is so intriguing to me. When I was growing up in the 80s it was clear that if you rapped, you did NOT sing. The most obvious example was when I heard "Oh baby you. You got what I need." STICK TO RAPPING! It was terrible, yet somehow very sticky in my head. Well, I love to sing and I love to rap. I have grand illusions of one day putting out an album and having several genres on it. I would not be a very "commercial" artist according to Simon Cowell, because I like so many different styles of music.

B.Reith "sticks it to the man" and does both...really well! He even has a song that deals with that exact topic. I even found this video where he talks about it. I love the line:

"So tired of trying to please everyone, a million different opinions
I'm just going to be myself whether they like it or not, I'm giving it all that I got"

I highly recommend picking up his album on his website.

I wonder. Is there something in you that wants to come out, but you keep it tucked inside because of other people's opinions?

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