Saturday, September 04, 2010

Creative/Romantic Idea for your special someone

I love being creative. It gets me all fired up. Coming up with new ideas or taking a twist on an old idea and making it my own. Love that. I also love being romantic. I know that most guys will balk at this concept. It may get me in trouble because it may get them in trouble if their wife/girlfriend/fiance reads this and says, "Why don't you ever do anything like that for me?" Well guys, here you go. Take the idea. Steal it. Reformat it. Make it your own. Do with it as you please.

Ladies, be gentle with your man when you approach him about being more romantic. Don't say, "I wish you were more romantic." Train him. Give him helpful nudges. Walk through a bookstore and accidentally knock over a copy of "Creative Dating" and ask, "What is that?" However you approach it, let him think it is his idea. Take the initiative and be creative and romantic yourself and let him see how it is done.

Someone asked me to blog about this idea a while back and I have never gotten around to it. This is what I did for Jeanne-Ann's birthday this year. I dubbed it the "26 Days of Jeanne-Ann." Starting with her birthday I gave her a gift every day for 26 days. Each gift started with the next letter of the alphabet. Below is the list of gifts I got her. Some were more expensive than others, but none of them really broke the bank.

The 26 Days of Jeanne-Ann
Asian Tea
Breath mints bouquet (I went to Michaels and got stuff to put this together)
DVD of the Kids (different videos of them)
Extra hot grande 3pump white chocolate mocha 
Fizzballs for tub
Heart (I cut up different color construction paper and put hearts all over the house)
iTunes (I organized her iTunes and put songs on her iPod she wanted) 
Jamba juice
Kids artwork framed 
Lip balm
Massage from me
Norwegian licorice candy pipes
Overseas tea mugs (I bought these from Starbucks in Taipei)
Picture framed (a picture I took)
aQuatic kit (a small aquarium...that actually had to be given on the last day with Z...and I got creative with the placement of the letter Q)
Recorded song i wrote
Starbucks gift card 
Tickets to the movies (if you buy them at Costco there is a significant savings...on Regal passes)
Vitamin enriched drink
Window painting  (I used window paint on her van)
Xyreme sportsman organic insect repellant
Yearlong Calendar (each month had pics of our family and birthdates, etc)
Zebra fish

I also gave her this "brochure" that was a 3 fold deal. There was space on it to write down each gift so she would have it as a memory.

What creative/romantic ideas have you had?


Andy said...

One time I bought Jolie a flower.

erik w/a "k" said...

Andy, I remember that time. JTDawg nearly fell out of her seat. She made a big deal of it on faceBoook. See? Imagine if you got her a chocolate and a flower!

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