Tuesday, September 07, 2010

First Day of Middle School

Walking through the hallways, I was reminded of that same smell that lingered in the air for me just 25 years ago or so. It hasn't changed. Oh, we are on a different coast, in a different school with different people, but it's the same. Boys who don't realize they need deodorant; the cafeteria warming up their ovens; chalk dust; old books; trapper keepers. OK, trapper keepers don't really smell at the beginning of the year, but it's a fun thing to say. "Trapper keeper. Trapper keeper." See? Fun to say.

Today our whole family walked Kynzi into her new school. She is a 6th grader! I can hardly believe it. It is hard to imagine that I am here when 11 years ago seems like it was so recent. When I held her in my arms and imagined her life. When I walked her through the church for the first time and how everyone wanted to have a look at her. Now we are here. Paying adult prices at restaurants; babysitting other kids; taking care of chores without us having to do it for her. I am a bit overwhelmed with it all.

Having been a middle school pastor for 8 years, it is difficult to get my mind around the fact that is I were still in that role she would be one of my students. Crazy. I am thrilled for her though. I know these will be amazing years for her. She will grow. She will learn. She will make new friends. She will continue to blossom. I just won't be able to walk her down the halls of her school holding her hand twice a week like I did last year. Or the last 5 years for that matter.

Those are the things I already miss. Those are the things that cause my "allergies" to kick in. Tomorrow we will send Karston off to 4th grade. He is with a bunch of his closest buddies and I am so glad for that. He has a great teacher that Kynzi had for 2 years. He s growing up too. Sigh. Life is good. And soon, they will both be VERY instrumental in their little baby brother and sister's lives. THAT puts a smile on my face.

Do you remember your middle school years? Many people didn't like them. I loved them! I pray that will be the case for my children.


jessica said...

Wow, her own locker! Sure enjoy your blog even though I don't know you personally! I go to SAC as well. Anyway, great job - I appreciate your insight.

Jessica (Griffin)

Anonymous said...

what a cute first day of school outfit - great choice kynzi! she is going to be the coolest girl in school.

Steve said...

Dude I shed a tear on this one. My Daddy heart is with you. Kinz is so amazing. You rock!

erik w/a "k" said...

Thanx Steve

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