Wednesday, September 08, 2010

2 Months on the Waiting List

Today we hit 2 months since all of our paperwork arrived in Ethiopia and we officially went onto the waiting list for our 2 babies. It is strange to sit and really think about this fact. They say the average wait time is 4 to 6 months to get a referral. Most days are not that big of a deal. Today as I sat down and thought about it, I long for them. As I pray each night with Kynzi and Karston we always pray for their brother and sister and for their birth parents. We prayed for them tonight.

I guess when you hit a milestone it makes it more real. So tonight I sit...reflect...dream...pray.

I love you kids! Forever!


Bex said...

Hooray! Getting closer every day! Can't wait to celebrate that special day with you and your fam!

Steve said...

We are praying with you. I can't wait untill that day. Your family will be an amazing place for your new children to grow up. Ethia and Opia will be here soon!

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