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Top 10 Memories of 2010

Top 10 Memories of 2010

The beginning of the year started us off with our acceptance of this process. We were told there would plenty of "hurry up and wait" moments throughout the whole process. They sure were right. (actually end of '09, but the beginning of the year)

* Eating Sushi in Japan - ewww (link to a blog post of this?)
I wanted so badly to like sushi and when I had a day in Japan I thought I should probably try some sushi when I was in Japan. I have not had good experiences here n the States. Then I tried it there. It was AWFUL!!! I almost threw up in the restaurant.

 *LIFE Conference (2 from here) - Doing the Flash Mob Dance at a baseball game (insert video here)
I got to do the upfront fun stuff before the main sessions started and it was so much fun. Alongside with my co-host Kate, we got to do a flash mob dance at a baseball game with 7,000 people! Check out the video that shows we got on TV too!

* LIFE Conference - breaking the world record of rock, paper, scissors
We broke the world record and it was so fun. 7,000 plus people participated in this and it was crazy to watch all of them take their turns and narrow down to our final 2.

* Getting on the list (July 8)
We were at LIFE when we got the word that our dossier (paperwork) landed in Ethiopia. When we shared it with a group of people there was this intern, Nate, who shared with Jeanne-Ann and I that he was adopted and how amazing that has been for him. We bawled as he shared his story. So good!

 * Camping with my son
This was a trip that I will probably never forget. We still talk about it and how awesome ever piece was. It was seriously significant for the both of us.

 * Taking my kids fishing
We got to go several times this year. Although we have not done super well with catching anything, it's still much fun. I think this summer I need to take them to Detroit Lake. 

 * Our Trip to Vancouver for the Olympics
A last minute trip that literally we decided the morning of to do. Meeting Russian and Norwegian Olympic athletes was so cool!

* Christmas Break - family time galore! Games, etc.
We played so many games and just hung out and laughed. I LOVED that! TWO WEEKS!! I need more of that. We all need more of that. Phase 10 rocked our faces off!

What are your best memories from last year?

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