Friday, January 14, 2011

Jump Rope

Do you remember when you were a kid and you jumped rope? It was so fun, wasn't it? Or perhaps as an adult you did it to get ready for a boxing match against a Russian who you were not sure was human. Whatever the case, there is something that jumping up and down while swinging a rope around you that is exhilarating. When I lived in San Francisco in 5th grade we used to do double dutch all the time during recess. This is basically where there are two people with two jump ropes and they spin the ropes in opposite directions. Then you jump in and try not to get tripped up in the rope. The really cool kids would be able to do tricks inside of the double dutch ropes. That was pretty awesome. I remember those days well.

A few years ago my kids starting going to jump rope club. Who knew? They would go before school started and they would learn how to jump rope. There were different things you had to do in order to pass to the next level. Each level would have varying degrees of difficulty when it came to what tricks you would do. Once you passed so many levels you were invited to be part of the Jumping Stars. This is a prestigious deal. Kynzi was in it when she was at Clearlake and then Karston got in last year.

They work on routines put to music and then preform. They do our local parade and half time shows at basketball games at colleges and universities and high schools around our city. Tonight they were at Willamette University doing the half time show at the girls basketball game. It's pretty awesome to watch. The part I don't like, is both of my kids are WAY better than I am at jumping rope now. Haha. I actually love it too. This is just the beginning of me "getting old" as they start beating me at more things and I no longer "let" them win. Hmmmm...this is  a weird place to be in life.


Ia said...

Absolutely amazing. You are right Erik, I don't think you can do this the way they do. It seems so easy though!!

Laura said...

my suite-mate is a professional jump-roper so i've been learning a lot about it. i think it's awesome that kids are getting exercise and having fun! :)

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