Monday, January 24, 2011

A weekend with middle schoolers

I spent this weekend with a group of awesome middle schoolers from Washington. We headed up to Mt. Baker and I was the speaker for their retreat. This is the age group that I worked with for 8 years at Salem Alliance Church! I love these people. They are so fun and full of energy and love life.

Besides the regular retreat stuff we went to Mt. Baker to go tubing in the snow. This was a great tubing hill. There were easily 150-200 people there. It was basically I giant bowl with people using every part of it to tube. I suggested we make a train (not the safest idea, but almost always the funnest). So we did several trains. Then, as is typical, I had to step it up. I suggested we make a multi-layered sideways train. Am I getting too old? I think not. Although I did take a pretty good beating. Check out this video.

Then we decided to build a little jump and have someone jump over me. See? I'm not too old. This was after I got my face smashed in! I am not sure if my nose is broken or not. It is swollen and red. It hurts when I eat, sneeze, smile, flare my nostrils, etc. Haha.

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