Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Top 10 Movies of 2010

I love movies! Largely because I love story. That's why I love TV and music. I love story. Tell a good story and draw me in. I am typically not the guy who tries to figure out what the mystery is about before it is actually revealed in the story. Why? Because I like to be drawn in and fully entertained as I am engrossed in the story.

I am glad Regal has a "frequent movie goer" pass. It's nice to get free stuff after I spend all that money on those movies. The nice thing is we do have a $3 theater and $5 Tuesdays at Cinebarre. Oh, and Costco saves you money at Regal and so do those Entertainment books. There were some really great movies this year. Again, I want to say that these are movies I enjoyed, but they are not for everyone. You have to make your own decisions as to what you watch. I often read reviews and insight on pluggedinonline.com

in no particular order...

Top 10 Movies I Saw
* Despicable Me - a very funny and touching story that ultimately is a story about adoption. 

* Tron Legacy - I loved the original movie and was pretty excited to get to see it again as they remade this movie. It was cool that Jeff Bridges reprised his character from the original.

* Toy Story 3 - I am constantly amazed at the ability of Pixar to write great stories, especially when it is a sequel...and the 3rd film! Great flick!

* Inception - CRAZY mind bender! I keep a top in my pocket just incase. It was seriously intense.

* Iron Man 2 - this was just pure blow em up fun.

* The Karate Kid - I had really low expectations for this film. I could not imagine a 12 year old boy taking on the same role that Daniel-san had. Jaden Smith surprised and impressed me. I also liked Jackie Chan's character and their relationship.

* Chronicles of Narnia The Voyage of the Dawn Treader - I loved the C.S. Lewis books and it sure is fun to watch them come to life on the big screen. Saw this one in 3D!

* Knight and Day - although pretty unbelievable this was a fun ride.

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole - another unique story humanizing owls. A story of courage, family, friendship and betrayal. 

* Babies - although I feel like the American woman tried too hard to be "European" this interesting little documentary about the early life of 4 babies from around the world was a unique film to me.

What were your favorite movies?

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