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Top 10 News Stories of 2010 (that I paid attention to)

Top 10 News Stories I Paid Attention To

January 12 - Haiti Earthquake
This was absolutely heart breaking to watch. The stories and the tragedy. There were some great stories that came out of it. It was amazing to see how many people came to the aide of this country. The hearts of the world were turned toward giving and serving. Also, adoption came to the forefront of many news stories.

January 27 - iPad
I loved the Jimmy Fallon line, "Millions of people today finally found out why they were so excited about the iPad." or something like that. After the jokes settled down it turns out Apple has changed the face of technology again. I don't have one...yet. I did win one, but took the money instead so we could put it towards our adoption. Honestly, that was a tiny bit difficult.

February 12-28 - Olympics
I love the Olympics! We typically get people together to watch the opening ceremonies. There is so much to see. We got so into the spirit that last minute we took a drive to Vacnouver, B.C. and joined in the festivities as a family. We even met some Olympic athletes from Russia AND Norway! That was a great experience for us as a family! (Yes Matt, I claimed Norway, Germany and the U.S. as my countries in the medal count)

April 20 - BP Oil Spill
This was crazy to see. It was hard to watch the underwater cameras showing how much was constantly pouring out and then seeing how it has affected our waters and shores. It was also strange to see Kevin Costner come in and try to fix the problem. (then Stephen Baldwin sued Costner because he was part of the process and felt duped into selling his shares).

May 23 - Lost Finale
I loved this show. I stuck with it from the first episode to the last. It took so many twists and turns that it made me crazy at times. I have to say I really enjoyed the ending. It did not answer all the questions, but it "made me feel good." I watched it with my friend Scot. We snuck out of a conference we were in to watch it and then enjoyed drawing lots of scenes from the show while we were back at the conference.

June 7 - iPhone 4
After tons of information was leaked because someone "found" one at a bar and sold it there was so much hype we all went crazy. Yes, I stood in line to get mine. I sold my old iPhone was able to pay for the new one. No, my line wait was not super long comparatively. I pre-ordered mine and was able to get through the line in about 45 or so.

June 11 - July 11 - World Cup
Spain defeated the Netherlands 1-0 to take their first World Cup! It was great to catch a bunch of games and highlight throughout the month. I even snuck in a few highlights when I was at LIFE conference!

October 13 - Chilean Miners
Again, what a crazy story this was. To see the world's attention focused on this group of men who were stuck down in the mine. After nearly 70 days, 33 miners were freed. It was crazy to watch as it was live.

November 8 - Conan O'Brien
After a long battle with NBC and Jay Leno Conan returned. I am not so interested in the show, but I surely was interested in the whole battle and all the stuff going on. What a strange turn of events. Conan did some awesome stuff to promote his new show including a giant orange blimp and 24 live webcam right before the show started. I couldn't keep my eyes off of it. 

December 5 - Oregon Ducks
They beat the Beavers in the Civil War and head to the BCS Championship with a 12-0 record! I was fortunate enough to go to several games this season and see some pretty amazing football. I am super excited for this final game and hoping we do as well or better than our average for the year! GO DUCKS!

December 24 - First Lady Tracks Santa
As kids called NORAD to find out where Santa was at over 1,200 volunteers answered the phones including Michelle Obama. It was fun to watch it online as they were able to track where he was at. Crazy how amazing our technology is these days. What a time we live in. He was spotted in "Newberb, OR" which is actually Newberg. Oops.

I love this year in review video! It's so stinkin' good.

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