Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Game Nights

I love playing games! All sorts of games. Card games, board games, etc. Probably what I love most about it is the interaction with other people. Whether it's with my family or with friends or a combination there of I just love games. Tonight I got to play a new game called "What's Yours Like?"

This is a fun game. When you play a game with a group of people who like to play games it’s fun, but you throw in a game that you are pretty much guaranteed to laugh at and it raises the level of fun so much more. This is just such a game.

The basic concept is this: you are given a word or phrase and everyone around the circle will describe “what theirs is like” without giving too easy of a description. The person guessing writes down all the clues until they get it right. Once they get it right they count up how many clues they needed and that it their total points for the round. So you want the least amount of points as possible.

Here is an example: The word was "Trunk." Some of the clues given: Mine is broken; mine is large; mine has books in it; mine has a spare; etc. It seems really easy until you are the one who is guessing. It is a ton of fun and we laughed like crazy. Looking for a good group game? Try this one out.

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