Saturday, January 08, 2011

6 Months

Well, I did not think we would be here, but we are here none the less. Today, just one day after Ethiopian Christmas, we celebrate 6 months on the waiting list. It may not seem like something that you would celebrate, but the thing is, every day we get closer to getting our referral. And every day that we get closer to getting our referral is a day we get closer to getting to meet our babies! That excites me!

Next week my sister and bro-in-law head over to pick up their twins and then in 5 weeks Josh and Bex (whom we are celebrating with) take off to pick up their daughter. It is good to have others "pave the way" for you as you go along this journey. There are a ton of other bloggy friends we have out there who we get to learn from and vicariously experience their journeys too. So glad for that.

Will this be our month? It better be! Karston prayed the other night that we would get our call in the next 5 months. I said, "5 MONTHS!!???!?" He just laughed.


Bex said...

You ARE getting closer! Hopefully you'll have some news by February 8! You are waiting well. Celebrating with you! See you tonight :-)

erik w/a "k" said...

Here we go!
Can't wait for tonight!

Wes And Nina said...

Waiting eagerly with you! I can't wait to meet my sweet niece and nephew, or any combo that may come. Love you so much and I love that we get to walk this road together! Oh and P.S., I stared until I was cross-eyed and that's when I saw the "6". Congratulations to me. :)

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