Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Miniature Polaroid Magnets (A Pinterest Project)

Yes. I love Pinterest. No, I am not female. It is largely believed that most people on Pinterest are women. That may be true, but there are guys on there too. I know it to be true. I am on there. Jon Acuff is on there. It is a cool place! I love their food ideas and craft ideas. I think of myself as more crafty than I probably am, but Pinterest inspires me.

I was looking around for ideas for Christmas presents. I was trying to keep the cost down and still be something very cool. This was one of those. They are refrigerator magnets with "Polaroid" pictures of the family. I got the idea from Ambrosia Girl's website. She has a link to download the photoshop template there too. Here is what I did.

First I downloaded the template to be printed on a 4x6 photo. Then I found the pictures I wanted to put inside the Polaroids and copied and pasted them into this one. I shrunk them down to size (using photoshop) behind each Polaroid. Each sheet has 8 photos on it. I saved the photo and sent it to and picked up the pictures later. I also grabbed a 10 pack of business card magnets at Staples for $4.

After we got the pictures I headed into the shop. I used a paper cutter to cut even lines and then trimmed them up with some scissors. (I am saying I alot, but Jeanne-Ann did help me a little bit).
We then used the backs of notepads we had laying around and cut them to fit the pictures.

I used foam board I bought at the dollar store first but it looked terrible.

Using "permanent" glue sticks I glued the pictures to the cardboard. The final step was placing the pictures on the magnets ad cutting it out along the picture so it fit perfectly.

There you have it. Miniature Polaroid magnets.

We grabbed any metal container we could find and wrapped the container with the magnets inside. Cake pans work nicely.

Do you have a Pinterest project you have done that has been a favorite?

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