Friday, December 14, 2012

Keizer Christmas Lights

Last night was time for another Williams Family Tradition! Maybe you live in an area like this. An area that most of the homes decorate their homes with tons of lights and blow up characters and cars travel a route to look at them all. This is my dream. We have one of those down the road a bit from our home. We actually almost bought a house that is at the very beginning of this route.

Every year we make hot chocolate and spiced cider, load up into the van and head out to look at the lights. The kids usually set out blankets in the back of the van and put down the seats and have a play area set up. We drive about 1/2 mile an hour and gawk at all the great set ups. It would make Clark Griswald so proud. We each pick out our favorite homes and enjoy the whole route together with Christmas music playing on the radio. There is also a stop where you can donate food or money toward the local food share. Great idea!

I cherish these traditions we are building into our family. My heart finds great joy in each tradition we carry on. Some of our Christmas traditions are ones we have carried on from our own childhood, but many of them are brand new with our own kids. This is one of those.

We live on a private drive and don't have a natural drive through area that we can show off our lights. That doesn't stop me really, although I would imagine I would go all out if we were on a busy drive. I someday would love to have one of those set ups where everything is computerized and set to blink along with music like the video below. That would be amazing!

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