Thursday, January 31, 2008

TV Angst. I Hate Comcast Already!!!

WARNING: You are about to read an emotionally written blog.

Today we took a leap from our comfortable Dish Network that we have been with for several years to get Comcast (local cable company). Comfortable in that I can do the remote without looking at it and even set stuff up without looking at the TV, if I wanted to. After winning an HDTV ($500 gift card for a video and an ipod and other things) we found that it wasn't as exciting as we thought it would be when you don't have HD programming.

HD programming is more expensive and you have to commit to 8 months with Dish and Direct TV. (we didn't want to do that either). We got an offer that would drop TV, internet and pone by $50 a month so we went for it. And we get HD and onDemand!! I was pretty excited about it. It was installed this morning.

I just got off the phone from my 3rd call to Comcast already. Call 1: It says that onDemand is not available and to call Comcast and talk to them about it. Also the TV guide that shows you programming for the next 2 weeks said TBA after the next 2 hours. I was told to unplug the TV and it would be back ready in 30 minutes. I was also told it would take 2 days to get all the programming downloaded. 2 DAYS!!! What is this, 1994? Are we downloading this on a 9600 baud rate modem?

Call 2: 1 1/2 hours later...still no onDemand. "I am so sorry. It's not available in your area. It should be ready in March." (I live in the state capitol for crying out loud!) And she tells me that the program guide should take 24 hours.

Call 3: I just tried to watch Lost: Past, Present & Future. Basically the get you up to date episode that comes on before the 2 hour premiere. It's all glitchy and I can't hear anything. So I try Little House on the Prairie JA recorded earlier. Same thing. 2 other shows...SAME THING! It is now 9:15PM and the season premier of Lost has started. I call and am told that they will have to test it from the office and it will shut it down. I ask if it will interrupt my Lost recording. He says, "Lost is on the internet." Are you kidding me dude?! I couldn't believe he said that. Yes it is on the internet, but not until tomorrow and NOT ON MY NEW HD TV WITH BRAND NEW HD PROGRAMMING YOU.....ok, calm down...take a breath...

He runs the tests and he said they aren't making any connection at all. They are going to have to send out a new cable box! What? This is actually going to be the third one. The guy who installed it put in 2 as the 1st one didn't work. What kind of Mickey Mouse operation is this? (apologies to Walt)

we have friends who are coming over to watch the Patriots do the unbelievable on Sunday and this thing better be in full working order.

I already was upset that I have to relearn a whole new remote and program system that I don't like. I can no longer watch recorded shows in the bedroom, only on the main TV. Now this junk.

For those of you who are saying, "Why don't you just drop TV altogether and save more money that way and not rot your brain?" Get off your high horse! I am sure you have your own "vices" that you don't want to let go of.

Besides, I can't help that I love art.

Now I seriously need to take a cold shower and cool off. Goodnight and sorry again for my rantings...but you were warned. :)


Michelle said...

Hope you've chilled a little. I coulda told you that ONDemand isn't here yet...sorry you are having troubles. If you can't figure out your remote LOOK AT THE DIRECTIONS!! Or ask a Comcast pro...and yeah - you better have that tv workin' by Sunday...or I'll end up eating way too much! Hang in there. We'll just watch Planet Earth instead...

erik w/a "k" said...

i actually did look at the directions. crazy. u know its bad if i went that far.

Josh Mann said...

for some weird reason i feel better after reading your blog :) Community in misery or something like that...we actually watched both hours last night which were great, we've only watched bits and pieces over the yeras

erik w/a "k" said...

i am glad my misery makes u feel better. i do understand what u mean about community!

ashley said...

aha I love lost, I woulda been mad too!!! I have comcast and dislike it as well...the remote wont change the volume, they say "we dont know why"
the old box died, and then they gave us this little dinky box that looked nothing like the old one and i rly think it's not the right box, but w/e

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