Monday, January 21, 2008

Dgroup Overnighter

Tonight I am staying overnight in the youth center with my dgroup! We are having a blast. I learned a new pool ball game called Crum. Very fast action and lots of laughter. My style. We played the Wii. Finally, something I can beat high schoolers at. Halo? That's a different story. We grubbed up on a bunch of snacks and are hittin the hay here shortly. Then tomorrow we hit the slopes! I will post pictures later. Snow biking baby!!!

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Christy said...

yo, Erik w/a K, longtime no see.
Actually I did see Jeanne-Ann at church on Sunday.
Bill told me he saw you and Steve at some uber big conference in Atlanta a couple of months ago.
Nice to find a friendly face on blogger.
Christy Lowry

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