Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hit and Run? Sorta

Today my neighbor came over and asked me if I thought he should call the police. It turns out that someone ran into one of the tiny trees on our street. Took it out completely. But whoever it was left their car on the street. What?! It was someone who delivers the Statesman Journal. There were a whole bunch of papers in the back seat and a bunch of rubber bands around the stick shift.

The police were called and they said no report could be filed because we were not the owners of the property. How stupid. It looks like someone either fell asleep at the wheel or drank. I don't know. Another neighbor called the builders, who I guess would be the owners of the tree. Either way I think it's stupid that they wouldn't come down and look at it or anything.

About 30 minutes later the car was gone.

Who takes care of replacing that tree?

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