Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Free iPhone?

I just signed up for this free iPhone. It is one of those sign up for one thing and then get 11 other people to do the same and they hook you up. You can get a free iPhone, $599 apple gift card or $580 cash. I actually signed up for the cash and then will buy the iPhone after the cash is here and have extra money left over. you just need to click on this link and I will be credited. Then you pass it on to others with your own link, once you sign up and you get credited.

The way they can do this is that you are introducing others to new companies who pay them for the advertising. It is a legit deal. I have a friend, Jon, who got a couple of iPods through this program.

I paid $4.95 for a trial with google ads.

copy and paste the link above into your browser and check it out today! let me know if you do it.

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