Monday, January 28, 2008

Snow...School Closed!

Today we woke up to a nice wintry blanket. Now, it isn't a very thick blanket, but we will take it. The sun is out, but they say more is on the way tonight. Jeanne-Ann, who has spent A LOT of time watching the news and signing up for instant weather report emails, etc. has been very excited about the snow. I love it. It's like when we were kids and hoping and praying for a snowday. We would get so excited we would hardly sleep.

Anyhow, we woke up and school was closed. I would say there is less than an inch, but it is a total sheet of ice underneath. That's where it gets dangerous. I don't mess around with ice.

Here are a few pics and vids from our outside play time. :)

This one pic is of the kids and the neighbor kids using hoes and shovels to scrap up enough snow to make snowballs and save some in a bag for the freezer. That's how sad the amount of snow is. Haha.

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