Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Survivor Experience Round 1

This morning Steve and I left my house about 5:15AM and got to Albany for the Survivor open casting calls. I was number 5 in line. There was one girl who stayed overnight (she got there at 11PM and stayed with friends in their truck bed. She was the only one trying out. The other 3 got there just a few minutes before us.

It was so stinkin' cold! There was snow and ice on the ground from the day before as proof. Thankfully I grabbed chairs and sleeping bags before I left so we got inside of those. My friend Rick, who alerted me to this opportunity, came just a few minutes after us.

As is usual, I got to know several people in line, and that is always fun. There was a lot of "I may take off my clothes" talk in that line, but as far as I know, no one actually did it. There were some real nice people in line. Ruth, an "older" lady, had tried out 7 times before and this was her 2nd casting call. Another guy had a similar story (you can see some pics of him on here). He shaved most of the front of his head and left his pony tail in the back. then he painted "Survivor" on the top. He also had a giant fake tattoo on his back (his wife told us it was real, but I got a close look, as you can see).

They opened the doors at 8AM, which was nice, as we finally got warmed up. We got to stand in line in the back of the store. Then we waited some more. They were supposed to start at 10, but began at 9:30AM. While we were waiting I grabbed one of their clipboards and began to fill out the application. A guy walked up to me and began asking me questions. We all laughed because he thought I worked for them.

Then Karlie, the girl behind us, dared me to walk through the line with the clipboard and look at people and randomly write things down. I did. I can't handle not taking an easy dare like that. It was really funny,people were totally thinking I was working for them. I walked through the line again and brought Steve with me. I pointed at 2 ladies and told him he would want to talk to them. A guy said, "Her name is Stephanie!" Man did we laugh.

We finally got signed in and got up in line. The girl who stayed overnight suddenly disappeared!!! Someone said she was so nervous she almost threw up. I felt really bad for her. It was finally my turn. YAY!!! I had a few props with me. I talked about being a youth pastor and that I loved Jesus and pulled up a Jesus bobblehead we are using for our DYC conference next month. I had a picture of my kids and my Mac.

I also talked about breakdancing; flying a 747 over the Atlantic when I was 11; going to Africa and sitting on a crocodile; and a few other things I can't seem to remember. The 2 minutes went quick, but there was also a point I realized I forgot to say some things and didn't know what they were and was lost, but I regained composure quickly and got back on track.

We watched several others go after us. One lady was probably in her 70s and wearing scuba gear. She was adorable! Then we headed home and talked about doing a video for the Amazing Race and Deal or No Deal. We are in a mode...can you tell?

Now it is a waiting game. The second round is in Seattle and then LA and then wherever the 17th season will be! Hope you're watching!!!


janaandjj said...

That's really cool! I hope you make it.

erik w/a "k" said...

thanx...i know it's no american idol, but will u watch me WHEN I get on? ;)

Josh Mann said...

yeah dude! That's shoulda gotten naked though, from what i hear that would have REALLY helped ;)

erik w/a "k" said...

there sure was a lot of talk about it. I thought the girl behind us was going to go that route. Steve even offered his bandanna that the store gave out for her backside to be covered. Her friend said, "You just want to see her get naked." Steve cried, "NO! I just don't want to see her backside." He was pretty embarrassed. And that is one guy who is being truthful about that. But it was funny.

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