Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I am currently sitting at Mosaic Church and doing "training"with our Roots students. There are 5 of them and they are really cool. Roots is a discipleship training "school" of sorts. They spend 3 months in community where they learn and serve and live together. It is a great concept. After that they go overseas and work with missionaries. There they will serve the communities that the missionaries serve. All designed to give them opportunities to see if this is a possible future for them.

I am taking them through the timeline of their lives. We are looking at places and experiences that have shaped them, people who have influenced them, gifts and abilities, places of pain, where their heart is drawn most to God and their dreams and passions. I am excited about this.

Next week I will take them rafting and do some team building exercises and then teach on how to put together a message the next day after that. This is a great group of students and I am really excited for them to be on this journey at this point in their lives.

Check out more info what this is all about at rootscma.org.

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