Monday, July 07, 2008

My Half Marathon Official Pic

Today I went over to and checked out the pics of me and others that I ran with in the marathon. Here are a few of those:
Casey Boda
Steve Unwin (my running twin)
John Stumbo (my Sr. Pastor)
Annie Dudley
Robb Childs
Paul Diaz
Patrick Kelley (classic patrick he is fast!)
Then there is me...
Erik w/a "k"?


Josh Mann said...

unbelievable, you can't make that stuff up, that's funny!

Sarah said... seem to have gotten a little huskier since I saw you last... ;)

Bex said...

That is so funny! you look good man!

Anonymous said...

You are the master of disguise!!! First it was Bob Barker and now this. What's next!?!

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