Friday, July 25, 2008

Motorcycle Culture

I have found there to be an interesting culture in the motorcycle world. I have been riding for over 13 years and since the day I started riding I discovered an interesting phenomenon. First, there are 3 clear riding groups. There are the speed bikes (crotch rockets); cruisers and Harleys. There are also dirt bikes, low riders and touring, but these are the main ones. I ride a cruiser. It's a 1982 Suzuki GS450. It's a great bike and I have really enjoyed it.

It did sit for a few years in my move and then when my friend Randy took it to do some work on it, including a waiting period for me to save money for some parts. I got it back this summer and am riding again...finally! So good.

The other thing I discovered as a "rider" is that it doesn't matter what you ride, there is always the drop-the-hand-down-two-fingered-wave whenever 2 riders pass each other. This ALWAYS happens. I love that. There is a "brotherhood" with all bikers and there is something about belonging, even if you never meet each other.

This pic is of my bike with some things strapped to the back I had to pick up at GFU today. Great day for a ride!

Clearly the scooters are part of their own world. Occasionally I will give a semi-wave to a scooter rider (Josh shout out)

1 comment:

Josh Mann said... it just me or is the scooter missing from the motorcycle classes, i'm going to pretend i didn't see that and we can continue being friends :) jk, you go biker boy!

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