Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Fund raising updates

I have made it to the semi-finals in the "High School Spirit" competition. This means I need your vote again. Head over here and click on my video. Under the video that pops up you will see a little "like" button that looks like this.
Click on that and you are done. You will need to be signed into FaceBook in order to do it.

Something else cool came up as I was out "knocking on doors" to get your votes. I got a message from my friend Crystal Stevens who has been creating jewelry since she was a teenager using stuff from all over the world. We Create Freedom is her website where you can find great Christmas gifts. She has offered to donate 20% of all sales that have "Erik's Adoption" in the tagline of where you want it to go to. She uses this site to send 20% to people and organizations she believes in. Pretty cool, huh?

Another friend, Keri Boda, also offered to give 15% of her Mary Kay sales if you do the same thing. Just type in "Erik's Adoption" there too. You can find her site here.
I am overwhelmed with your generosity! Thank you so much!

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