Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Follow Up To One Day Without Shoes

April 5th was "One Day Without Shoes Day."
I went an entire day without any shoes on. Fortunately the sun was out and it was relatively warm. I did not know what to expect. I had been planning for the day for a few weeks and it finally arrived. I decided to write on my feet to hopefully open up more conversation. I had a few meetings at different places and knew that I would be in some stores where surely they would not allow shoes.

As I walked out of the house to take Kynzi to school I felt the chill of concrete on my bones. Almost a stinging sensation, like when the tiny rain drops fall. I had a meeting at the church and then to the office. Those were pretty easy. It was my meeting with a youth pastor at Starbucks that would be my first venture into "the world." I didn't get a single look. Weird. The same went for when we went to the Green Apple frozen yogurt place.

Although I didn't get the questions and looks I was expecting, I felt. I felt the cold on my feet, which caused my whole body to be cold. I also stepped out in the parking lot at my office and found broken pieces of glass all around my parking spot. I stepped carefully around the pieces knowing there were plenty of shards that were small enough to not be seen and possibly in my feet already. I didn't feel any pain, but I did feel for those around the world who can't afford shoes. That was significant. If no one else was moved by what I was doing that day, I was.

I know that when I head to Ethiopia I am sure to see people without shoes. That will be hard. Below is a compilation video of my day in under 2 minutes.

Facebook readers click here to view the video.


Bex said...

freaking AWESOME!!!!! I loved this video so much! GREAT job! {you are too funny!}

erik w/a "k" said... of my favorite parts starred YOU!

Anonymous said...

that was an awesome video. Way to go on the day without shoes.

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