Tuesday, May 17, 2011

An Update

A lot of you have been saying, "Hey, we haven't heard an update in a while. Did I miss something?" No, you have not missed anything. I haven't made any updates because there really haven't been any updates.

Basically our agency told us that when we accepted our referrals that we would get notified about a court date in 4-7 weeks. We are in our 5th week! Ugh! The upside is that we are closer than we ever have been before. (duh). Our summer plans are on hold. We don't know when we are going, but every single day we are praying for Haakon and Nyah. We are praying for health (we think Haakon has the chicken pox and Nyah already had them last month). We are praying they know they are loved. We are praying every day that they are held and cared for well at the orphanage.

We invite you to pray with us on those things too. Would you also pray for a court date soon?! :) We have been praying for some friends too. One family has been waiting for 10 1/2 months for their referrals! We waited 7 months, 3 weeks and 2 days. Another family is adopting from Rawanda and have been waiting super long for their referral as well!

So here is to waiting. Kids: we are coming soon! Love you!

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