Monday, October 29, 2007

Steal a Taco, Feed the Homeless

OK, so I was reading a blog of a guy I know and I thought, this is a fantastic idea!
The basic gist was that Taco Bell’s Steal a Base promo that they had on the World Series could be used for something great. According to the promotion, everyone in America would get a free Taco if any player stole a base during the 2007 World Series. Oregon's own Red Sox rookie center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury did it in game 2 and we all get to “steal a taco” tomorrow!

Here is what Shane said...

"I’m making an appeal for like-hearted individuals to take this promotion a step further. Let’s steal a taco to feed the homeless!

If you live in an urban community like I do, you no doubt run across numerous homeless people on a daily basis. Maybe you pass by a few on your daily commute to work. Maybe you know of a street corner or park in your city where they tend congregate. Why not take advantage of Taco Bell’s free taco offer and use it as an opportunity to bless those in need of a meal?

Get the whole office in on the action and pool your free tacos. Stop at each nearby location on your way home form work. Map out your route and make it a family scavenger hunt to gather up as many free tacos as you can. Then seek out the homeless in your community and donate your plunder!

Steal a Taco. Feed the Homeless. Let’s use this opportunity to bless others. Spread the word!

Think outside the buzz…"

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