Monday, October 29, 2007

Red Sox New World Champions!

Ok, this will be one of my last Red Sox blogs for a while and back to the regular life stuff.
But this team is amazing! I am soooo pumped! We did it again. Where are the stankees? Hmmm. I bet there will be a brand new crop of Sox haters that come out of the woodwork, because surely that will be the thing to do, like the Stankees of old. They were the team to love because they were the underdogs, but now its all different. People are funny.
Anyhow, Pitching. Rookies. Veterans. It's all there. And they did it again.
It feels good.

I had a soccer game tonight so I paused (dvr) the game and went to play. They had the game on at the soccer center and I asked them to change the channel. After the half they finally did. My teammates were trying to tell me the score. I was ready to kill em. haha. Dud kept yelling it was 104-4. She's funny.

Here are some highlights of game 4. Hope you enjoy.

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