Monday, October 15, 2007

Flipside's Got Talent (Wi Ne Ma)

This weekend I tag-teamed with Brian in speaking at our high school ministries' retreat at the coast. We stayed at camp Wi Ne Ma and had absolutely gorgeous weather. There was a cool slide that one of the students waxed up a bit to make it go faster. You really don't need anymore speed. It always takes prisoners and causes skin damage to most who go down.

We looked at spiritual gifts and how we are all given gifts by God and how we can use those gifts. It was a different type of retreat in that we didn't have traditional messages, we spent a lot of time going through questions and then breaking out to share in small groups. It was really cool.

We also built a sweet slip-n-slide down the dune into an oatmeal pit. We flew down that hill. Then a fun run into the ocean. Man this water is cold!!!

We headed up to the Tillamook Cheese Factory and then to run up and down the dune in Pacific City.

A fantastic weekend and 2 more retreats togo in the next month.

Enjoy the vid.

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