Thursday, October 11, 2007

Funny Memory as I get ready for the SOX

Tomorrow night is the first game for the ALCS. Today I had a funny memory as a result of thinking of that. In 1996 I talked my way in to the World Series game in Atlanta where the Braves played the Yankees. It was the last game ever in Fulton County Stadium before they moved to their new stadium.

I had brought a bat in with me that they gave away at a different game, found "my seat" 10 rows behind first base of the Braves and a security guard said he had to take the bat till after the game. He told me it was considered a weapon. After I explained that they had given it to me and that there were several guys about 50 feet from us with the same weapons I gave it up and went to get it afterwards.

When the game was over, dressed in my Braves headgear and face paint, I went down to the dugout area looking for the guard. I never saw him down there, but I did meet Joe Piscipo (TV/Movie star from the 80s and 90s) and got my picture taken and put on the front cover of the Atlanta-Journal Constitution (big newspaper).

As I waled to the security area I saw tons of people grabbing stuff (stealing). Every banner and poster on the wall was gone and anything people could grab. They all knew that this stadium would never be used again. Security just watched until one guy had pushed it way past the limit. There was a guy walking out with a row of EIGHT stadium seats hooked together under his arm. It was one of the funniest things I had ever seen. I started laughing and then 2 security guys went over and grabbed him. I couldn't believe I just witnessed that.

I found the security guard and he said he left it in the room, but it was gone. Grrrr!!!

I'll try to post the pic that was in the paper next week. It's sitting in my office.

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