Saturday, December 30, 2006

Our Christmas

Only 3 times in the 11 Christmases we have had in Oregon, have we stayed home (here in Oregon). Ususally we plod out to North Carolina, South Carolina, New York and or Florida. This year we stayed home. We have had two weeks of major chilling. Just a lot of family time and play time. I am not sure how Jeanne-Ann and the kids will handle it when I go back to work! haha.

During our break we have done several fun family things. One of the big highlights, besides gifts (I'll share that later) is our Christmas music video... enjoy.

and our "card" that shares the highlight stuff of the year.

~~~ Merry Christmas to you ~~~
Another year and here we are. A few
highlights to catch you up on what has
gone on in our world this year.

Kynzi – She loves 1st grade at Forest Ridge where she is part of the charter school program. This summer was filled with soccer games. She is really looking forward to starting gymnastics after Christmas. We continue to see Kynzi’s heart for others in the way she interacts with them. She is a Sparky in Awana’s and loves memorizing Bible verses.

Karston – Kindergarten has been a blast for him. He is also playing soccer after having spent the early part of the summer playing tee ball. Anything active is pure joy for him. He just lost his first tooth and is really excited to be like his big sister. He is our prayer warrior. He prays whenever he hears a siren. In case you are wondering, Karston prays for everybody, so you are covered on a regular basis. He is a Cubbie at Awana’s and is really enjoying coming home with new songs about Jesus.

JA – After years of staying home with the kids and working part-time at Sylvan Learning Center, Jeanne-Ann just renewed her Oregon Teaching license and plans on subbing in late winter. She started BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) and is enjoying the study of Romans. A highlight for Jeanne-Ann was going to Thailand with Erik for a business conference.

Erik – Still surfing as often as possible, which is never enough. He is back to playing on an indoor soccer team. During one weekend Erik, Kynzi and Karston all scored goals for their respective teams. After Thailand, Erik took a trip to West Africa as part of a video team for our national youth conference in the summer of ‘07. A dream came true as he was part of a team who co-authored a book called “Inside Out Youth Worker.” You can get your own copy at

Serving Him,
The Williams


Jessica said...

oh my gosh. i love it. it is the best family lip sync i have ever experienced. take it on the road. lil miss kynzi has quite the expressions and karston really slam-dunked his part! awesome guys!

Anonymous said...

juss wanted to say that the christmas video was sooo cutee!! i couldnt stop laughing! i remember the kids from quest (and you brought your daughter to our church one time too) they're great kids and its amazing that you can all just sit around and do fun stuff like that! Hope to see you at DYC and maybe LIFE this year!

~Haley and Ashley

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