Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Let it Snow!

We woke up today to a small blanket of snow on the ground. That was fun as we only had a little from last week left in a few spots in the grass and we rarely get snow here. It soon began to rain and I figured the snow would be gone in an hour.
Then we heard that school was closed and it began to snow again. A lot. Well, a lot is relative. Where I grew up people would mock me for saying what we got was a lot. We have maybe 3 inches on the ground.

But, there are very few snow plows, etc. here. We had 2 snow plows for every family in NY, so it is VERY different out here. Plus, no one has any clue as to how to drive in this stuff out here. So I am afraid of other drivers. I did however, go out and use the ole e-brake and have some fun.

We also had to jump in the hot tub while it was snowing. That was pretty cool. A snowball fight quickly ensued. Ahhh...I love this weather!

If only we could get more. I guess I could just take a short drive to the mountains ANY DAY OF THE YEAR!!! I really like that. I went snowboarding a few years ago on August 31! It was 75 degrees out that day and I didn't wear a shirt. We live in a pretty cool place of the world!

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