Thursday, December 21, 2006

Friends and Games...a Boggle Rival?

Our friends Becca and Josh brought a "new" game to our game night tonight! MyWord! You flip cards down with different letters and when you see a word you yell it out. First one to yell out a word gets the cards. If you yell out an incorrect word everyone gets a card but the false yeller. It is really fun. Course Becca didn't like my abilities so she was ready to yell "BOAT" anytime it looked like I may see a word. Better everyone gets 1 card than me getting several. haha. Boat girl.

We had fun eating dinner, playing games and eating Death by Chocolate. I love having people over. Especially when we get to play games. I love playing games. Brian, Chele, Patrick and Maria also joined us. What great fun! I am so glad I have friends like this I enjoy. God has been good to me!

My stomach hurts a little from all the Death by Chocolate!!! mmm...

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