Saturday, September 30, 2006

Old Friends, New Places

I meant to write about this first part some time ago now, but I am reminded as the second part relates. A couple of moths ago my friend Jessica started working with me again. We used to work together at the church and then she left with her husband as he got a full-time job about 45 minutes away.

When I got my new job, I hoped one day I could hire Jessica again. Well, a year and a half later and a position opened up. It wasn't necessarily the ideal position, but it was something. I knew that she wasn't all that super excited about what she was doing so I gave her a call. Now she is on board. Yahoo!

This weekend some friends (Steve and Michelle)of ours (me and my wife) are talking to the church about a position. They have been flown out here from Georgia. I tried to get them to come out a bunch of years ago before I hired Jessica, but that was not the right time. Now it looks like it just may happen. I am praying HARD! They are dear, dear friends who I have held close to my heart since the day I met them. I can not believe they are actually here. We should knowpretty soon if this is the right fit. Now I just need to help Steve find a job. If you read this and you pray, would you pray Steve finds a job that he would love and that they find a house (assuming they decide to stay) near us? Thanx.

I am truly blessed with friends and family that I love so much! Wow!

I'll update you on this trip when I find out what the verdict is.

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