Saturday, September 02, 2006

In the Pit!

Have you ever played that game Pit? The one where you shout, "one, one, one!" "three, three, three" etc. You trade commodities like wheat, barley, hay, flax, etc. And the first one to get 9 of the same cards wins that round. You don't want to get stuck with the bear (-20 points) or the bull (-20 points) unless you have 8 of a kind and the bull, then the bull is a wild card.

We had some of our favorite friends in the world over last night and played. Jessica & Justin, Brian & Chele, Patrick & Maria. It gets so loud and competitive. I can't ever believe that our kids sleep through it.

We also played Jessica's newest game "Imaginiff.." You roll the die and land on someone's name and read a card that says something like "Imagine if _____ (erik) could discover the answer to a great mystery. Which mystery would he choose?
1) What is SPAM?
2. Where do the missing socks go?
3. Sasquatch - fact or fiction?
4. What goes on at Area 51?
5. Why was the stonehenge built?
6. How come I pay more taxes than Bill Gates?
then everone chooses a number they think is right. Those that choose the number that matches the majority opinion get to move a space.
It's really funny to see whta everyone else thinks about you.

We laughed a lot and had a lot of fun. I'm so thankful to God for good friends.

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