Sunday, August 27, 2006

3 pools

What a beautiful day! We took the day to go out to 3 pools in little north fork. I love that place. We were a little concerned that it would be too crowded being a HOT day and end of summer and all. It wasn't too bad at all actually. We went to the top part and set up our chairs and unpacked our lunch and went to test out the water.

As always it C-O-L-D! We went down the "slide" a couple of times and then I went to jump off one of the rocks. The first jump was off the middle one and then the second jump was off the top. I love doing that! Sucks the wind out of me just a bit and makes me want to do it more. hmm...drugs?

Later, after we walked around a bit we went down below and I jumped off the tallest rock. Man...I want to go sky diving. My friend Steve is going tomorrow and I am a bit jealous. It's so stankin' expensive! But this makes me want to go even more. It was interesting as I stood up top waiting to jump. In the past I have always been slightly hesitant even though I know I want to jump and will jump. hesitations. Not even in the slightest. Cool! I think. Am I losing my ability to make sound judgement choices? I dunno. Still, I liked it.

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