Thursday, August 10, 2006

Girls sleepover

So Kynzi turned SEVEN yesterday! Can't believe this. She is an absolutely amazing little girl who isn't so little anymore. It's freaking me out. She had a birthday party that was a sleepover for 7 friends. It was crazy. I thought it would be no problem, but it was crazy weird. Lots of moments where I had to have conversations about including everyone, etc. Jeanne-Ann and I had a bunch of stuff planned, but they did plenty on their own.
Kynzi called them all into her room and told them all to pick out a toy and then they went out to the backyard and had a show and tell. Each one had a turn to sit in the show and tell seat and the rest sat quietly on the grass and listened.
Then something happened that blew me away. One of the girls shared her own toys and said her grandma gave them to her before she died and that she would never see her again cuz she is in heaven. Her friend Grace said, "Well, do you have Jesus in your heart? If you do you can go to heaven one day too and see her." She said no. Kynzi said, "Do you want to ask Jesus to come into your heart? It's really easy. you just have to ask him." She said yes and Kynzi walked her back to her room and prayed with her.
WOW!!!! Unbelievable. I am learning from her.


Jon & Chris Steele said...

That is an awesome, awesome story. Makes me excited to raise my little girl :).

jessybel said...

Wow. Love Kynzi & way to go Grace!

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