Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lost and the Red Sox!!! but this is about the team winning, not their miserable season

Man...the last episode of Lost kicked my butt. There are times when I watch something that I get so pulled in that my emotional strings are played well. Sometimes it's a moment where an extra-terrestial is trying to get home and the tear ducts are opened a bit; from time to time there's the Boy named Tommy who wears a coat that's too small and causes my gut to hurt from laughter; and then there are the OTHERS!!! My ire rose quite high tonight. I wanted to yell, "If you really are just normal then why do you treat them like animals."

I know what you are thinking. Well, yes, I have never denied that I am a bit too into TV. I guess I just drop my "thinking" when I am being entertained and allow myself to be entertained. Sounds a bit weird, but I love watching something that will take me on a journey.

The end of Lost had Henry or Ben telling Jack Shepherd that if he plays nice he will take him back home. Jack didn't believe that Ben had any contact with the outside world. Ben told him that in the 69 days they had been there (it's apparently 2004) Bush was re-elected, Christopher Reeves passed away and the BOSTON RED SOX won the world series. Jack laughed and told him he should've come up with something more believable. Then he showed him the video of the final game.'s good to relive one of the greatest moments in baseball history again. Seems soooo long ago and yet seems like it was just yesterday. bitter sweet moment...

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