Thursday, October 19, 2006

Myspace...ourspace? Tillamook Ice Cream!

Last weekend I spoke at the high school retreat for my church (where I volunteer as a Dgroup leader). The theme was ourspace.God. We "lifted" it from another camp I spoke at this summer and revamped it for this weekend. It was a great weekend at the coast. We played in the beach; we slipped down a giant slip n slide into an oatmeal pit; we climbed a giant sand hill; we visited the Tillamook cheese factory ( cheese and yummy ice cream). I had one of those moments that you get so frustrated, but you can't really say anything to anybody that can do anything about it.

I ordered a waffle cone with mint chocolate chip and chocolate peanut butter. I was enjoying my mint chocolate chip, as there was a delicious large chunk of chocolate, but that's where it ended. There was only ONE piece of chocolate in that scoop@ WHAT?!?! Then came the chocolate peanut butter. Why did I joke with Tifani that there probably wouldn't be any peanut butter in it? Turns out there was no peanut butter in my chocolate peanut butter ice cream! MAN WAS I STEAMED!!!

So anyhow, we showed some funny and poignant video clips throughout the weekend. I am including the promo video in here. Hope you enjoy it. It shows a bit of what the addiction and craze of myspace can do to you.

Oh, check out my perspective of what a Jesus' myspace site might look like. Click true on and click on the green button.

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