Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I have Two 2 Year Olds

In September and October we celebrated Nyah and Haakon's birthdays respectively. They are 18 days apart in age. For some its obvious but to most people who ask us in the store they follow that up with "Are they twins?" I always want to answer yes and say that Haak was just not ready to come out and needed another 18 days of incubation.But I don't. People just don't know what to say and often don't think about the questions they ask. I don't mind the questions at all, I just laugh because of some of the things said.

Anyhow, we sure did have fun getting together with friends and partying with our littles. The amount of sugar that was consumed by each of them was incredible. At each party they got their own little cakes, while everyone else enjoyed cupcakes. Haak was hilarious after the sugar set in. He is a pretty active one as it is and after he had his cake he was so would up! He could not go to sleep for the longest time. We laughed quite a bit as he was laying in bed and kicking his legs and squirming around. We ended up letting him sit up with us for a while and run off some of his energy.

She loves her glasses, purse and Minnie!
You can't go wrong with Thomas!
Sugar coma to come soon.

I realize at this age they don't fully get the concept of gifts, but I seemed to remember that the boxes and wrapping paper were more fun for the olders (Kynzi and Karston are the olders and Haakon and Nyah are the littles...just in case that slipped past you), but perhaps my memory just isn't all that super (usually the case). They were ecstatic with their gifts. At Nyah's birthday party she got a stroller and a shopping cart with a bunch of play food. That meant there was something to push around for both of them to play with. They were all over the tennis court and we thought about setting them up for a race, but just enjoyed the pure fun moment that they were having.

It's hard for me to remember that they have not always had us as their family. They are just our kids and that is that. Reality is that this was not always the case. It reminds me, when I think of this truth, that there are so many others out there that don't have families. They don't have someone to celebrate their birthdays with their own cakes and a bunch of fun gifts. My heart grieves that reality. I often allow the tears to flow when I am reminded that this would be the case for Haak and Nyah had God not placed them into our lives.

Jeanne-Ann and I have the exact, perfect children for our family. It is amazing. Each of them is so different, while sharing common traits, and I can't imagine life without a single one of them. So as much as this is a post about birthday parties and celebration, I guess it is also a post about how thankful I am to God for how He has shaped our family. To think, 3 years ago I thought we were completely done having children. I thought 2 was our magic number. Even the olders talk about how they can't imagine life without the littles. That makes my heart scream for joy!

Thank you Lord for Kynzi.
Thank you Lord for Karston.
Thank you Lord for Nyah.
Thank you Lord for Kaakon.

I am blessed.

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