Thursday, November 01, 2012

Staff Fun

The other day our staff took half a day to have some fun. We met up at Word of Mouth Bistro (my favorite restaurant in Salem) for lunch. Quick note about why this is my favorite. They make a creme brulee french toast that is out of this world. I seriously have had a dream about this meal. They also have an amazing hot chocolate that they load with whip cream, marshmallows, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce and caramel. YUM!

We then headed over to Willamette Valley Fruit Company for some fun. We peeked into the room where they make the pies and then walked outside where we ran into Jeff Roth. He is the guy who came up with the dream of this whole place. A place where families can come and have fun. It isn't just this time of year. We came in the summer with our kids to pick strawberries. That was a great family memory.

Anyhow, Jeff walked us over to the "fun zone." When we were first there we were the only ones there. That opened it up for some extra fun. We played on the slides and jumped on the zip line. Then it was time for a ride in the little train trolley. This is absolutely designed for kids but it can carry adults as well. The guy decided to have some fun with us and drive a little crazy. Not too crazy but enough that we could not stop laughing. Each turn and stop we could feel a little bit of pain on our knees and elbows.

We also got to shoot the corn cannon. The object was to hit a pumpkin sitting on top of hay bales about 100 feet away. If you had one you get a free ice cream. Guess who hit one. Yep, I did! I did a happy dance and then it was time to hit the corn maze.

The girls went first and John and I decided to take a different route. We try to raise them to the very top. We only slightly got lost. Near the end of the whole time inside of there it started to sprinkle a bit but besides that we were pretty much rain free. The cool part was that we ended up seeing a double rainbow in the distance! I love when I am reminded of God's promises!

We headed inside for some amazing pie and of course my ice cream. It was a great day with our staff, our bellies were full, and we made some awesome memories together. I love this team that I get to serve with. God has blessed me greatly!

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