Tuesday, June 26, 2012

For Ladies Only!

Recently I did a post for guys only so I thought it would only be fair to do for the ladies. So here we go:

A couple of years ago we started this up. It was great as we were putting out podcast regularly and one day we connected with Rethink Monthly Magazine. Bo Lane, who ran the magazine, asked if we would be interested in being a subsidiary of Rethink Monthly. We thought that would be a great connection. That December Rethink got hacked in a major way. It destroyed Rethink's website and our website.

Long story short a couple of years later with the help of Bo and a brand-new team we are back! The core team is still together Becca, Bex and I. We are the podcast crew. We have also added several others to the team. Several bloggers who each have a specialty area.

Jesse is our fitness blogger. (get ready to learn helpful tips to stay in shape)

Shawna is our food blogger. (want to learn how to make a good meal or even eat on a budget? Shawna has some seriously yummy recipes)

And Molly is our fashion blogger. (looking to stay fashionable and don't want to have to show so much skin? Molly knows her stuff)

Elise does all of the tech stuff for us and runs the website.

So what is this all about you ask? Basically it is a podcast and website for all things girl. Everything we talk about and write about deals with issues and conversations "chicks" would have.

You may also be asking what in the world is a guy doing in this program for girls. That's a great question. Initially I was asked to be the tech guy. Becca and I worked together as middle school pastors for several years and have a great relationship. It started out as a two of us but when we interviewed Bex and her dad it became quickly obvious to both of us that she needed to be part of the team!

Originally Becca wanted to do a radio program. I had some connections with an AM Christian radio station but I didn't think that was the right thing for us. I felt like going to where technology news today was going to be the best thing. Thus the podcast and website.

So now I get to bring the token guys perspective on the things that we talk about. We talk a lot about relationships and typical "chick" conversations and have great interviews with professionals in different fields including skincare, psychologists talking about body image, and health professionals.

We also like to talk about what's going on in pop culture that is relevant to girls. Anything that we believe would be encouraging and helpful to girls, that's where we are going to focus our attention. Honestly, it will largely be directed by listeners to the podcasts and readers of the blog who have questions about certain subjects. We are open to having discussions about anything and all things girl.

So, if you are a chick, please jump on chickchatpodcast.com.

Give us a listen and feel free to comment and even subscribe on iTunes. We would love your comments in iTunes too!

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