Friday, July 13, 2012

Forever Family Anniversary (1 year ago today we got custody of the babies)

One year ago today (July 12, 2011) we walked into our lawyer's office with a speech prepared explaining why we wanted him to make some calls and visits so we could hurry up the process a bit. We had just left the orphanage after our 2 1/2 hour visit with the babies. After I was done blabbering my long list, he smiled, waited a moment and said, "You can go get them now."


"You can go get them now."

"You mean permanantly?"




"Literally, right now we can go back to the orphanage and take them and never have to take them back there ever again?"


Tears streaming down my face. I turn to Jeanne-ann and Kynzi and Karston. We scream. Jump up and down and hug. I round our lawyers desk and give him a huge hug! He told me he was going to call and let us know, but because I had called him first to say we wanted to drop by for a visit, he decided to wait to tell me in person.

Here is a video of our "meetcha day." This is actually from the first time we ever saw/met/held Haak and Nyah.


Chrystal said...

Loved it!!!

April D said...

Tears...Haak's reaction tore me up. Glad they are home with their forever family. Happy 1 year!

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