Saturday, June 09, 2012

Warning: You may hate this!

I love a good story. I love a story that draws me in and works on my emotions: anger, sadness, laughter, etc. It's why I love TV and movies. It is also why I love country music. I have my college buddy, Mike Rice, to thank for that. Whenever we rode in his car that is all we ever listened to. I would relentlessly mock him until that one day when I found myself singing along to a song. I was furious at myself. It snuck up on me. It got inside my head and my heart.


I wanted to share with you a few songs that are about being a dad. These are songs I wish I wrote. They speak words that are inside me in a way that connects with me deeply. I suppose when you are a parent and there is a touching song about parenting or your kids you can't help but connect.

Warning: these will tug at your heart strings.

* Just Fishing (Trace Adkins)

* He's Mine (Rodney Atkins)

* I Loved Her First (Heartland)

* Watching You (Rodney Atkins)

* Anything Like Me (Brad Paisley)

As I was finding these different songs I let the tears flow freely. Man! I do not like my kids growing up. Maybe we just keep adopting so we don't have to have the nest empty. ;)

There are soooo many good ones. I am going to put the links to several others below. Enjoy.

* Tough Little Boys - Gary Allan
* Mr. Mom - Lonestar
* Cleaning this Gun - Rodney Atkins
* Let Them Be Little - Lonestar
* Stealing Cinderella - Chuck Wicks
* Love Without End, Amen - George Strait
* I’m Already There -  Lonestar 
* My Front Porch Lookin’ In - Lonestar
* My Little Girl - Tim McGraw 
* You’re Gonna Miss This - Trace Adkins
* Family Man - Craig Campbell

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