Tuesday, March 01, 2011

We Got Our SECOND Referral!!!!

I was sitting in my office today and planning on heading out to our adoption agency to deliver the biggest check I have ever written. It’s the referral acceptance check. I know we didn’t have the second referral, but I did not want the check to be any hindrance at all for the next part of the process. I was planning on leaving at 11:30, but a few things kept coming up and it was delaying my departure.

Again, Jeanne-Ann and Babe are the same people.
I got my jacket on and was almost ready to go out the door. Then all of a sudden, at 12:31PM, the phone rings with that special ringtone that will forever hold very special meaning to us. It was Tami at Dove! She said she had another referral for us! Gulp! I asked if Jeanne-Ann was on and she told me she could not get ahold of her. What?!?! I told her I was putting her on hold and would try to call her and conference her in. She didn’t answer her phone? 3 calls...NOTHING! CRAP!!! I got online and found the number to the school and told Debbie at the front desk I HAD to talk to Jeanne-Ann. I knew it was between morning and afternoon classes so she should be free.

A minute later Jeanne-Ann was on the phone and I conferenced her in with Tami. “Oh no!” Jeanne-Ann cried when she heard it was my voice on the line. That meant Dove did not call her, but it must be about the referral. So we had to find out information over the phone. No running home and getting the kids out of school this time. We wanted to know the gender and age and a few other things before we got off the phone and looked at pictures, etc.


I am going to have another daughter!!! I can’t believe it. Wow! Amazing. Kynzi has been praying so hard for a little sister and of course we would have been happy with a boy too, but soooo excited we have a little boy and girl.

I am walking on air right now! My heart is so overwhelmed with love for these two beautiful children that will be mine and Jeanne-Ann’s forever!

After I got off the phone with Jeanne-Ann I jumped in the car, headed to the bank to get a cashiers check and then drove to Dove. Once I arrived Krista saw me through the window of the office and greeted me at the door. There were most of the people from the office ready to hear all about it. I obliged and shared the story about our two kids! What a fun moment to get to share with the people who are pretty invested in our journey from a totally different side than most people we know.

I headed home and when I arrived Jeanne-Ann had told the kids we were going to do something. I think Kynzi may have had an idea, but she was trying not to let on. We set up the computer and Jeanne-Ann said she wanted us all to look at our son again, but when I opened the screen they saw their new SISTER! Kynzi screamed and jumped up and down and then proceeded to dance all around the room as Karston watched and said, “Cool!” Then it was time to connect with the grandparents and other family members as quick as we could. We could not keep the lid on this one for too long.

We went out with some friends to Green Apple frozen yogurt to celebrate. We wanted to celebrate both of them, but decided this round should be a little less expensive. Haha. We love getting to celebrate with others and love that you get to be a part of our journey, whether you are a great and close loved one or a blog “stalker.” You are part of our journey. Thank you for your encouragement and your support. We now will dig our heels in for the next waiting period, which we have heard is harder than the first one. I can understand because now we know who they are and we love them already. We just want to be with them and love on them and have them home with us. With a face and a name and two real human beings tied to our dreams, we long to hold them in our arms. It looks like it will be 3-4 months before we leave for Ethiopia.

My sweet, beautiful chosen children...I love you. I long for you. I have been praying for you every single day of your life! I can’t wait to hold you in my arms and snuggle you and love you an kiss your faces! We are coming...as soon as we can.

Want to read about our first referral? Click here.

Names to be shared soon. Keep your eyes open.


Eric said...

Hurray, Erik! Can't wait to give you a huge hug and celebrate with you at SYMC later this week! Fly safely - see you soon!

Jessica said...

WHOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO! So stinking excited for you guys!!! I was SO hoping for a girl after you got the first referral. Another boy & girl--what fun!!! So happy. So, so, so happy for you all!

Sarri said...

Fellow Dove Family here- we are SO excited for you guys! Congratulations! Such an amazing time. Yes, this next wait was the hardest for us, but sitting here on the other side of things, I can tell you that you WILL get there!

Christy said...

Best news all day!!! When was she born?

LorieN said...

AHHHHHH!! (that's a scream :) Wow--I am so pumped for you--it's so cool you found out so soon after finding out about your son. Wayy fabulous. Oh man. Just so happy. Are they both from the same country?

I've heard you are considering naming them Chuck and Lorie, and I just wanted you to know that would be very nice.

We love your family!!

Maryanne and AJ said...

Congrats! So excited for you guys! God is amazing in so many ways! Thank you for sharing your journey along the way and letting us blog "stalkers" celebrate with your family. Can't wait for you to hold your kids. It will be here before you know it!

Michelle said...

Reading it all makes me cry one more time... one more time of many more... tears of joy for what He has brought to ya'll and will continue to bring you to...two more fabulous children for your family. We love The Williams (ALL SIX OF YOU!!!) so much!!!

Ia said...

What an emotional year!!!! How great is our God who has given us 4 healthy, beautiful, gorgeous, perfect little babies in half a year. I can't wait for summers and Christmases with cousins. What a great thing it is to have cousins born in the same country. I love life right now. It couldn't be better. Just bring them all home soon.

Krista said...

SOOOOOOO.........EXCITED for you guys!!!!!!!! I really do wish I was there to greet you at the office and hear all about your new little girl...maybe it was ANOTHER Krista!?!??!? Can't wait till you get to meet you new little ones! LOVE you guys and miss you dearly!
:D kris

erik w/a "k" said...

Thanx everyone!!! I can't tell you how much means for you to be excited with us!
Krista, not you? No profile or pic so I am not sure which Krista you are. ;)

Christina said...

Hi Erik! So happy that you got both your referrals! We also did the same, by celebrating each. We felt both deserved equal attention. I hope the wait to court goes quick for you! Congrats again and we will be thinking of your family!

scooping it up said...

I should be in bed, but had to come check:



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