Monday, March 28, 2011

Memory Lane Makes Me Think of the Future

Today I went to pick up my 11 year old daughter at church. I had just finished up at our high school worship service and needed to get Kynzi. She volunteers with the little kids as their Sunday School teacher. As I walked down the hallway and saw all the parents walking hand in hand with their children or carrying them lovingly in their arms, I was suddenly swept away to the spring of 2002. I remembered carrying Karston in my arms and Kynzi holding my pinky finger as we walked down that very same hallway. So small and tender. So light. So dependent on me. Life was good.

Life is good now too. In a different way, but oh so good. Now I have a daughter who volunteers with kids ministry and a son who volunteers with Angel's ministry making food for the homeless. I like my life. I like it very much thank you.

Fast forward into the near future. My mind was overwhelmed with the thoughts of how I will be walking down this hallway again soon enough. This time it will not only be to get my middle schooler, but picking up my two very small, very dependent children who need me for everything. As I am holding one in my arms and a very cool and manly diaper bag on my other shoulder, Jeanne-Ann has the other baby. We are smiling as people all around us rejoice with us that our children are all finally home.

It was a short lived, yet very real moment for me. I am so looking forward to that day. I know I will have plenty of days where I will wonder what in the world have we got ourselves into, just like I have with the first two. Those moments are not what marks the days though, the fact that God has given us the gift of being parents and the moments of interaction, laughing and late night talks as I put them to bed are the things that make the day. Being a parent is truly a gift. I need to treasure that gift as much as possible.

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