Monday, May 24, 2010

My Trip to Cali

I am involved in our denomination's tri-annual high school conference called LIFE this summer. There will be about 7,000 people in attendance and I am on the program team. What that means is I have been part of the planning stuff for anything that goes on the main stage at each of our main sessions. My key part is actually the pre-session part. I get to do the upfront, get everyone up and involved, make them enjoy themselves portion before the session actually starts. This will include funny videos, games, dancing, etc. I don't know why they picked me to do this, I don't like the stage, being upfront, having my face on camera, or...wait...oops, yes I do. Haha.

Anyhow, we have some videos that need to be done before the conference actually starts so I flew into L.A. for the weekend to shoot some music videos. It was pretty funny to tell the guy who I was sitting next to on the plane that that's what I was doing. I had to confess that it was just for a conference and not MTV, but it was still fun to say. I met up with Kate, my partner for the pre-session stuff and John, our video guy and grand master of media at the conference.

We got together and planned a bunch of shoots and then spent all day Saturday shooting. It was a blast. It was really cool to see the film school where John works and shoot in their studio and then do fun crazy stuff outside. When shooting was done we went back and I was getting ready to get on the plane. I was really bummed because John thought I was staying another night and he had gotten us tickets to go see David spade and friends at the L.A. Improv that was a benefit deal for the Nashville flood victims. I was REALLY bummed. I love that kind of stuff. (the Hollywood, see famous people I "know" from TV, etc.) We had seen a few celebs we recognized, but weren't sure from where when we saw them at the movie theater restaurant the night before, but it wasn't quite what I was hoping for.

When it was time for me to head home, I was dropped off at the airport and went to the counter. I was going to ask if they needed any volunteers, but was informed theflight was delayed and they needed to check if I would make my connecting flight in San Francisco (Frrrancisssco - Buddy the Elf). I asked if they had any later flights and they had none that night but first thing in the morning! I said, "I'll take it." I was told that normally it would be $150 change fee plus whatever the difference of the ticket was (another $758) but that he would just do it!!! Can you believe it? He never told me if I would make my flight, so I assume it would not. John had told someone they could not have the ticket because he was believing that I wold be able to go! Kate had prayed for it! haha.

We went to the show after a quick drive to the Grove (this amazing outdoor mall and farmer's market place where I met Danney Gokey and Michael Sarver from American Idol last year). When we got there Sarah Silverman was outside getting her picture taken with an old high school friend. (not a fan). We went inside and had a great meal. As we were sitting there David Spade walked outside to talk to some friends and was about 2 feet from where I was sitting. I was not star struck in the way that some people make others idols of sorts, it was just a ton of fun. These people are just like you and me, they just live COMPLETELY different lives than we do. After dinner we were ushered to our seats where we literally were touching the center of the stage the comedians would be on. It's the same Improv I have seen MANY comics on TV from. It was pretty surreal.

Daniel Kinnow was the host for the evening and was pretty funny; Jeff Ross was on, he is the Roast Master for those Roasts they do of celebrities and has been on Last Comic Standing as a judge; Todd Glass went on; Kevin Nealon was next and then David Spade wrapped it up. I have to tell you, there was plenty of crassness throughout the evening and that was hard on my ears. There was also LOTS of funny stuff. I laughed until my jaw, throat and stomach hurt and had tears pouring down my face several times throughout the night. A few of the comics joked about having medicinal marijuana cards and I am pretty sure most if not all had partaken before they got on stage. What a totally different life than I live. Pretty weird. David Spade went on for the shortest amount of time (he may have had to because they were going late) and he also read most of his jokes, or at least looked at his list to remember which ones to do. I am not sure if it was because he is a "big star" and doesn't have time to memorize all his jokes or if it was the fact that it was a benefit and he wasn't getting paid that he wanted to try out some new material.

After the show we hung around for a little while and someone came up behind me and said, "Excuse me." I apologized and turned around to see Craig Robinson who plays Darrell on The Office and is hosting Last Comic Standing this summer. He was really cool and took some pictures with us as you can see below.

We headed back and hit the hay. Then it was off to the airport early in the morning. A flight to San Fransssssisssscoooo, then a quick stop at the Eugene airport (that was a first) and then back to Portland. I got home in time to hang with my family, go for a bike ride and host a Survivor Party Finale!

PS. I am working on putting together my next 90 second day in review video from that last day. I may include some of the day before as I thought about doing it part way through the day.

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