Friday, March 14, 2008

Wunderland and Mr. Biggs and Kid Dates

This past weekend I took my daughter on a father/daughter date. She wanted to go to Wunderland. So we headed over to Fred Meyer and made our own sandwiches and hit the Wunderland world. It is a place where you pay a small cover charge and then play nickel video games, etc. It is pretty fun. We spent most of our time on skeeball, so we got lots of tickets, which she turned in for prizes.

My son and I went to hit baseballs together. They both decided what they wanted to do. We had a blast pitching and hitting to each other. Karston did most of the hitting. Four of his hits were directly at me. OUCH!!! 2 to the chest and 2 to the arm. The chest shots hurt the most. But he sure did laugh and that made me laugh. then it was off to a pirate themed birthday party. Arrrrrrgggg.

I also went out with a bunch of friends to a place called Mr. Biggs. It's kind of like Chuck E. Cheese for grown ups. The pizza was TERRIBLE, but the games were a blast! We had 2 hours to play lazer tag, indoor go karts and pods. The pods were amazing. Basically you get inside a pod and you are a robot out to shoot other robots. Every time you destroy a robot you get points and they reappear in a different spot. We played 10 at a time. I was in first place for our first 2 games. :) We also played a ton of lazer tag! There were hardly any other people there. Several times the "guy" wasn't there so we just hit reset ourselves and kept playing. Josh, the mischievous one, climbed up on top of a structure and kept tagging people almost completely unnoticed. Then we had bowling all to ourselves. Total blast! Let me know which bowling pic you like the best.

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