Monday, March 24, 2008

Some Random Stories (end of Guitar Hero pay phones and a guy?)

* A guy wakes up after being declared dead and getting ready to have his organs donated.
"Something about Zack’s appearance made them think that he wasn’t as dead as the doctors said. On a hunch, Dan pulled out his bone-handled pocket knife and ran the blade up the sole of one of Zack’s feet.

‘Our son is still alive!’
The foot yanked away, but the other nurse said it was a reflex action. So Dan Coffin then dug a fingernail under one of Zack’s nails. Zack yanked his arm away and across his body, and that, the other nurse agreed, wasn’t a reflex action. It was a sign of life. "

Read the full story here.

* London is Getting Rid of their Pay phones!
This has been a staple in London and is hanging the look of the city.
Read the story here.
I tried using one when I was in Paris last, but you need a special phone card there and I didn't have that. So it was useless, even tough I needed it.

* the end of Guitar Hero?
Read about it here.

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